Enterprise D

The fifth Federation starship to bear the name. This ship, a Galaxy-class vessel, Starfleet registry number NCC-1701-D, was launched in 2363 from Starfleet's Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards orbiting Mars and placed under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard on a mission of deep-space exploration and diplomacy. The ship was severely damaged in the Borg encounter of early 2367, and had to undergo six weeks of repair work at Earth Station McKinley. A dilithium chamber hatch installed at McKinley station was defective, resulting in a severe explosion in the ship's warp-drive systems that crippled the Enterprise-D for two weeks. Although sabotage was initially suspected, it was later learned that undetectable flaws in the hatch were responsible. The Enterprise-D was repeatedly destroyed in 2368, when the ship was trapped in an temporal causality loop near the Typhon Expanse. The Enterprise-D was briefly command by Captain Edward Jellico in early 2369 when Captain Picard was assigned to a covert Starfleet mission on planet Celtris III.

The Starship Enterprise-D was destroyed in 2371 during a mission to prevent a deranged scientist from destroying the Veridian system. During the mission, the Enterprise-D took a direct hit from a Klingon bird-of-prey, causing a loss of antimatter containment. Executive Officer William T. Riker ordered an emergency saucer separation, and Commander Deanna Troi was successful in maneuvering the Saucer Module to a relatively safe distance, just before the stardrive section exploded. The resulting concussion knocked the saucer module out of orbit, but Troi was successful in piloting the vessel to a soft landing on the surface of planet Veridian III. Although the spacecraft was deemed a total loss, there were no fatalities in the emergency landing.(In the anti-time future created by the Q Continuum, the Enterprise-D was not destroyed at Veridian III, but remained in service until at least 2395, when Admiral Will Riker had saved the ship from being decommissioned, by making it his personal flagship. In this future, the Enterprise-D had undergone significant modifications, including the addition of a third warp nacelle.