Federation starship, Intrepid class, Starfleet registry number NCC-74656, commanded by Captain Kathryn Janeway. Voyager had a gross mass of 700,000 metric tons and was 15 decks thick. The ship had a complement of 38 photon torpedoes as of stardate 48546.2. Voyager had a crew complement of 141 and had a sustainable cruising velocity of warp factor 9.975. The ship featured improved computer systems in which some traditionel optical processors where replaced with bio-neural circuitry. Voyager was also equipped with conventional isolinear optical circuits. The Bridge was lacated on Deck 1, while the mess hall was located one level down on Deck 2, Section 13. Deck 4 had cargo bay facilities. The shuttlebay was located on Deck 12. Voyager had the capability of landing on the surface of a Class-M planet, then returning to space. In 2371 the Voyager was violently propelled into the Delta Quadrant by a powerful displacement wave generated by the Caretaker. Stranded some 70,000 light-years from home, Captain Janeway invited the crew of a similarly stranded Maquis vessel to join the Voyager crew, and asked Maquis officer Chakotay to serve as her second-in-command.

At the time Voyager was swept into the Delta Quadrant, it had been on a mission to pursue Chakotay's ship. Voyager lost contact with Starfleet on stardate 48307.5. Ironically, the missin to pursue Chakotay's Maquis ship was supposed to have lasted only three weeks. In late 2371, the Voyager had a crew of 152. A minimum of 100 people was normaly required to operate the vessel successfully. The Starship Voyager had no counselor aboard. Cabin 125-A on Deck 2 was originally designated as the captain's private dining room. Because power availability was limited after the ship was stranded in the Delta Quadrant, the crew adopted a system of replicator-usage rationing in order to conserve energy. As part of this effort, Neelix converted part of the mess hall into a makeshift kitchen, where he prepared a wide range of delicacies for the crew. Voyager had a Stellar Cartography Department. The warp core on Voyager was ejected on stardate 48734, when Chakotay sought to prevent the ship from entering a nebula inhabited by the Komar. The core was subsequently recoverd and reinstalled. An exact duplicate of the Voyager was created by a spatial scission on stardate 49548.7 after the ship entered a plasma drift containing a subspace divergence field. In order to prevent her ship from being taken over by Vidiians, the Captain Janeway in command of the duplicate Voyager ordered it to self-destruct. Her place in history is secure alongside the likes of the Wright Flyer and the Saturn V.