Weakest Link - Special Star Trek Edition

  • Zondag 02 december 2001, 14:41 -
  • Wilson

Last monday the USA channel NBC broadcasted a special Star Trek edition of the Weakest Link hosted by Anne Robinson. The show featured eight Star Trek actors from various Star Trek series who played for a good charity. These were the actors that participated in the special Star Trek Weakest Link:

Wil Wheaton
(TNG - Wesley Crusher)

Levar Burton
(TNG - Geordi LaForge)

Robert Picardo
(VOY - The EMH)

Denise Crosby
(TNG - Tasha Yar)

Roxann Dawson
(VOY - B'elanna Torres)

John DeLancie

William Shatner
(TOS - James T. Kirk)

Armin Shimerman
(DS9 - Quark)

In the Weakest Link all players try to bank as much money as possible which they can earn by answering question asked by Anne. After every round players have to vote who is the weakest link of the round and has to leave. After voting some players have to explain why they chose someone. A lot of funny things were said, some of which are listed below:

Anne Robinson: "Who can no longer cling on?"

Anne Robinson: "To whom is intelligence alien?"

Anne Robinson: "Who's brain should report to sickbay?"

Anne Robinson: "Wil, you were the boy genius. We haven't seen much evidence of it!"

Anne Robinson: "Who's phaser was set to stupid?"

Armin Shimerman: "Bill, I always wanted to take out a captain."

Armin Shimerman: "Why Bill? Eh, he's the only one who's not a friend of mine."

Armin Shimerman: "I believe Oscar Wild wrote: You always hurt the one you love!"

Robert Picardo: "I was a program of a doctor, who was designed for emergency situations with a terrible bedside manner. A little like yours, Anne! But only a little."

Robert Picardo: "Well, ehm, my wife once confessed to me that she went through puberty with a crush on captain Kirk. So I feel like I've been living in that shadow for 17 years of marriage."

Anne Robinson: "William, what are you famous for?"
William Shatner: "Star Trek!"
Anne Robinson: "And what part did you play in Star Trek?"
William Shatner: "I played Captain Kirk"
Anne Robinson: "Do you have a famous scene that most people know you for?"
William Shatner: "They do!"
Anne Robinson: "Would you like to share that with us?"
William Shatner: "I would, Anne. Would you like me to do that now?"
Anne Robinson: "As quickly as you can, William."

(Shatner kisses Anne)

William Shatner: "Anne, was that as good for you as it was for me?"

(Anne ignores him)

William Shatner: "No it wasn't!"

(Shatner walks back)

Anne Robinson: "And is that all you did as Captain Kirk?"
William Shatner: "It's all I can remember."
Anne Robinson: "Why have you voted for Roxann?"
William Shatner: "I thought perhaps, if I put on the gloves I could probably take her."
Anne Robinson: "I've had enough of you!"
William Shatner: "I haven't had enough of you, my dear!"

It was clear that Wil Wheaton and Roxann Dawson had a fight. For instance, they voted for eachother often as you can see from the first screenshot.

Later in a conversation between Anne and Wil:
Anne Robinson: "Are you a little frightened of Roxann?"
Wil Wheaton: "No, I'm a little in love with Roxann."
Anne Robinson: "Why's that?"
Wil Wheaton: "I think she's the only person here who's as good looking as I am."
Robert Picardo: (laughs very hard)

When Roxann was voted out she said to Wil that she loved him, but ofcourse that wasn't serious. Later she said that she thought Wil had been rude by saying to her that he loved her while he knew that Roxann's husband was watching the show.