Voyager magazine articles

  • Vrijdag 18 januari 2002, 23:15 -
  • Wilson

By now you should be aware that next Monday the AVRO is going to resume broadcasting Star Trek: Voyager. On Monday January 21st, the second part of Unimatrix Zero will be broadcasted. Voyager will be broadcasted from 20:35 untill 21:25 o'clock on Netherlands 2. The week after that, the AVRO starts broadcasting the episodes from season seven every monday. More information can be found here.

Jeri Ryan on Yorin's Dark Skies

  • Woensdag 06 juni 2001, 02:00 -
  • Wilson

Jeri Ryan (Star Trek Voyager's Seven of Nine) features in the series Dark Skies. Dark Skies is being broadcasted by Yorin every wednesday evening. Dark Skies is set in the turbulent 1960s and follows the story of John Loengard , a man who inadvertently learns of a secret government agency called Majestic-12 that researches and covers up alien activity on Earth.

Jeri Ryan plays Juliet Stuart, a sassy, sexy, assertive in the extreme and possessed of immense self-belief Majestic secret agent. Ryan can be seen in the following episodes on Yorin:

Boothby dies

  • Donderdag 01 maart 2001, 01:00 -
  • Wilson

Ray Walston, the actor who played the character Boothby in various The Next Generation and Voyager passed away on Monday at the age of 86 in his home in Beverly Hills after a short illness. Boothby was the Star Fleet Academy groundskeeper and mentor of Jean-Luc Picard. Later he appeared in several Voyager episodes as a double for species 8472 and as part of Chakoteys dream.