Abrams announces Spock for Trek XI

  • Zaterdag 28 juli 2007, 15:49 -
  • Wilson

Yesterday Trek XI producer and director J.J. Abrams revealed the actor who is going to play Spock on Trek XI; Zachary Quinto. Quinto plays 'Sylar' on the scifi series Heroes. After Quinto took several questions from the audiance at the Comic Con in San Diego, California, Abrams announced yet another actor who will play Spock. "He is going to put the ears on one more time": Leonard Nimoy !

Stargate SG-1 terug op Veronica

  • Woensdag 27 juni 2007, 13:56 -
  • Wilson

Vanaf zaterdag is Stargate-SG1 weer terug op Veronica. Tussen 18:00 en 20:00 worden twee afleveringen uitgezonden. De eerste aflevering van a.s. zaterdag is in maart als laatste uitgezonden. Dus als de aflevering je bekend voorkomt, dat kan kloppen.Veronica gaat verder in seizoen negen waar ze in maart zijn geeindigd. Toen werden naast Stargate-SG1 ook de series Stargate: Atlantis en Battlestar Galactica gestopt door Veronica.

DS9 slimline releases

  • Woensdag 27 juni 2007, 03:27 -
  • Wilson

While the first DS9 slimline repacks have been out for a few weeks now, the release dates for the other seasons have been announced:

August 2nd - DS9 seasons 3 and 4
October 4th - DS9 seasons 5 and 6
November 28th - DS9 season 7

UPC start met Scifi channel

  • Zaterdag 02 juni 2007, 13:59 -
  • Wilson

Scifi channelUPC Nederland voert een belangrijke wijziging door in de samenstelling van haar digitale tv-pakketten. Per 30 mei voegt het kabelbedrijf in totaal maar liefst tien nieuwe digitale kwaliteitszenders toe aan haar UPC Digital TV pack (digitale basispakket) en het extra channel pack, waaronder als eerste in Nederland internationale topzenders als The History Channel, 13TH STREET en SCI FI channel.

Nightly Enterprise

  • Dinsdag 01 mei 2007, 03:54 -
  • Wilson

 A few loyal visitors of our website have notified us of something interesting. Since shortly ago Veronica has been airing Enterprise episodes in the very early morning, between 5:00 and 6:00. These are at the moment season two reruns. The reason is apparently that Veronica needs to air the episodes in time before they lose the broadcast rights. As you can see, we have added these airings to our TV Guide.

DS9 dvd's in june

  • Zaterdag 14 april 2007, 01:46 -
  • Wilson

As you may have noticed, the earlier announced releases of the DS9 slimline sets are not yet in the stores. Apparently, the previously known release date was incorrect, and Paramount has given out a press release saying that the first two seasons will be out on thursday june 7th.

Our thanks go to 'Garenor' for bringing this to our attention.

Odo, Barclay and Face at Dutch Star Con

  • Donderdag 05 april 2007, 11:33 -
  • Wilson

In the last few days the Dutch Star Con organisation announced three news guests.Dwight Schulz and Dirk Benedict will re-visit the Netherlands. Dwight and Dirk are best known for their roles as "Howling Mad" Murdock and Templeton "Faceman" Peck on the A-team. Star Trek fans will know Schulz best for his role as Lt. Reginald 'Reg' Barclay on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Voyager. Benedict also played Starbuck on the original Battlestar Galactica series.