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Star Trek Music Box and is all about the music of Star Trek. The box contains two videotapes with Star Trek episodes with special music, with Voyager's Doctor singing or a performance by Deep Space Nine's hologram Vic Fontaine. The episodes are:

  • The Next Generation: In Theory. Data has a romantic relationship with ensign Jenna Anaya.
  • Deep Space Nine: His Way. Bashir introduces the other officers to his new holoprogram featuring Vic Fontaine.
  • Deep Space Nine: Badda-Bing Badda-Bang While relaxing in Vic Fontaine's Las Vegas holosuite lounge, O'Brien and Bashir are surprised by the arrival of mobster Frankie Eyes.
  • Voyager: Virtuoso The Doctor's ego soars when Voyager engages an advanced but arrogant race which is entranced by the medical officer's passable singing talent.
The box also contains an exclusive cd loaded with various Star Trek music. The music box is available in stores right now.
Star Trek Music Box    
Star Trek Music Box

Publication date: 26-03-2001 Source: Paramount Netherlands Home Entertainment