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Scorpion, part I

As Voyager approaches the edge of Borg space, they discover a narrow passage which is empty of Borg activity and decide to try to thread their way through it in an effort to avoid confrontation. But they suddenly realize that the reason for the lack of Borg activity is the invasion of another species which apparently has no trouble at all defeating the Borg cubes with bio-ships impervious to assimilation. A Voyager away team visits a dying cube ship which has one of the alien vessels attached to it. The crew manage to download the Borg's information on the new species, named '8472', but Harry Kim is attacked by the pilot of the bio-ship and is given a virulent infection which begins to devour him from the inside out. While Ensign Kim fights for his life, a conflicted Janeway grapples with the decision of either guiding her crew through the dangerous Borg territory which is lined with a new mortal enemy or turning around and ending all hope of ever getting home.

Voyager, seizoen 3