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The Q And The Gray

After the crew witnesses a supernova explosion from a safe distance, Janeway retires for the evening, only to be wooed in her quarters by Q, who claims to want to mate with her. Naturally, Janeway rebuffs Q's every advance, and eventually a female member of the Q Continuum appears, claiming that she is bonded to Q. As an argument ensues between the Qs, more imminent supernovae are detected and Janeway orders the ship clear of the destruction, but with so many stars exploding, Voyager can't avoid all of the shockwaves. Just before the first wave hits the ship, Q whisks Janeway into a representation of the Q Continuum in the context of the American Civil War. Q explains that the Continuum is in the throes of its own civil war, sparked by the death of a fellow Q he prosecuted on charges that a Q suicide would imbalance their whole society. Q's desire to mate with Janeway is the result of his belief that, from his past experiences with Janeway and Picard, a hybrid child would introduce the omnipotent Q to the nobility of humans.

Voyager, seizoen 3