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The Ba'ku were a people who, in 2025, rejected technology and abandoned their people to establish a new homeworld with a culture of their own choosing. They settled on a planet in an area of space known as the Briar Patch. This, effectively, isolated them from the rest of the galaxy. The planet had an unusual concentration of metaphasic radiation in the planets rings. This radiation continually regenerated their genetic structure. This arrested the aging process and made the Ba'ku almost immortal.

In 2275, a group of young Ba'ku decided that they wanted to follow the example of the "offlanders". They attempted to take control of the Ba'ku colony but this ended in failure. The Ba'ku then decided to exile the rebels and they were sent back into normal space. This not only made them begin to age normally, but also created the race now known as the Son'a.

The Son'a are a technologically advanced humanoid race although their social morals are questionable. In the course of 100 years they have conquered other races (Tarlac and Ellora), developed illegal weapons and are currently one of the few non-Dominion suppliers of the drug Ketracel-White. Although not traders of renown like the Ferengi, they can be found conducting deals both legal and illegal with most species. The Son'a are extremely materialistic with a particular fondness for gems. The Son'a did enter into a brief alliance with the Federation, however, the Son'a have little regard for Interstellar Law and the alliance was not to last long. At some point after being exiled from the Ba'ku homeworld, the Son'a developed a genetic anomaly that prevents them from reproducing. The result of this is that the Son'a only number a few hundred, and these few are dying. They use any medical means available in order to preserve their looks and their lifes. The medics, generally Ellora females, resort to genetic manipulation and surgery to preserve the Son'a. The Son'a make regular visits to "body enhancement facilities" where toxins are removed from their bodies and their skin is stretched and tightened. These procedures have lengthened the lifespan of the Son'a but it has also made them increasingly grotesque.