Stargate: Origins (nieuwe digitale serie)

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Stargate: Origins (nieuwe digitale serie)

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The long night is nearly over, as MGM has announced today that it plans to re-open the Stargate with a new original, live-action series.

Stargate Origins will help to launch the studio’s new digital platform and fan experience, suitably called “Stargate Command.” The subscription service will be the show’s exclusive home, as well as providing fans with additional content, developed for streaming to any device — television, phone, tablet, etc.

First, the show itself: Stargate Origins is a 10-episode digital series, which will explore the untold backstory of Catherine Langford — who first appeared in the 1994 feature film and then in Stargate SG-1‘s first season. “Young Catherine embarks on an unexpected adventure to unlock the mystery of what lies beyond the Stargate in order to save Earth from unimaginable darkness.”

Catherine’s character was present as a young child at the discovery of the Stargate in Giza in 1928, and she worked throughout her life to get the Stargate program going — facing numerous obstacles and international intrigue all through the twentieth century.

Origins will fill in more of her important story, shining light on the events leading up to SG-1’s own beginning.

Ten episodes will run for approximately 10 minutes each, made to be digital-friendly and adding up to a single story the length of a TV movie. (Assuming that Catherine’s story is completed here future seasons could, in theory, explore other corners of the Stargate universe in the manner of an anthology.) ... e-origins/

Teaser trailer:

Beter iets dan niets :)

Hopelijk leidt dit tot een volwaardige nieuwe serie, ook al ben ik niet geheel overtuigd over het succes van de "Stargate Command" setup.
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Re: Stargate: Origins (nieuwe digitale serie)

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Het is vooral jammer dat het eigenlijk iets is, dat in het verleden afspeelt. Je zou juist verder willen in de toekomst. Je weet namelijk nu wat er allemaal gaat komen.

Je ziet het zoveel, weer terug naar de origins (Batman, X-Men, Star Trek, James Bond) soms is het niet altijd een succes, en soms wel. Voor films lijkt het beter te werken dan voor Series.
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