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Seizoen 5

  1. The crew is facing a shipwide case of cabin fever as the ship plunges into a vast, empty, starless expanse, a shortcut that could take two years to complete. Captain Janeway has retreated into seclusion, and tempers are flaring. But the crew's craving for excitement is more than quenched when a sudden total loss of power is followed by the arrival of seemingly hostile intruders in the darkened corridors of the ship. Another unfamiliar alien vessel arrives to fend off Voyager's attackers, and it seems that the crew has a new ally...until Janeway is asked to help the Malon captain commit genocide in exchange for an quicker trip home.

  2. A freak shuttle encounter with a cloud of active plasma necessitates an emergency evacuation. The Doctor's mobile holo-emitter and some of Seven of Nine's Borg nanoprobes are fused in the beam-out, resulting in a new life-form. With its immense adaptive Borg capabilities and its advanced 29th century technology, the new Borg drone proves to be amazingly intelligent and almost friendly in a child-like way, though Seven is troubled by the drone's curiosity about the nature of its Borg "ancestors". Unfortunately, another aspect of the drone's heritage - the signal which links it to the Borg collective - alerts the collective to its presence and Voyager's location, and a deadly family reunion becomes imminent.

  3. An unmanned experimental probe from Voyager attracts the unwelcome attention of Malon scavengers, who try to hijack it in mid-flight. Hoping to dissuade the Malon, Janeway directs the probe into the hazardous atmosphere of a nearby gas giant. But the Malons aren't dissuades from their prize, driving their freighter right into the planet's atmosphere to their deaths. As Paris prepares an entirely new breed of shuttlecraft - hopefully capable of withstanding the enormous pressures of the atmosphere - a second Malon vessel arrives, its captain ready to avenge the loss of his predecessors. With the engineering challenges inherent in a new shuttle design, Voyager's crew needs B'elanna like never before...but B'elanna is indulging in dangerous pursuits of her own.

  4. A surprising discovery is made in a most unexpected place - a spaceborne artificial environment which perfectly recreates the grounds and facilities of Starfleet Academy, complete with such beloved faces as Boothby the groundskeeper. When Chakotay and Tuvok bring one of the Stafleet officers from the 'Academy' back to Voyager, however, they discover that this isolated outpost of humans is, in fact, a staging and training area for Species 8472's eventual invasion of the planet Earth.

  5. On an expedition, the Delta Flyer shuttle is unable to avoid a violent ion storm, and crashes into a planetoid. Paris, Tuvok and Ensign Wildman are trapped when the Delta Flyer's landing buries it several kilometers beneath the surface. As the shuttle's crew prepares for the worst, Neelix is left with a dilemma of his own. Ensign Wildman's young daughter Naomi has been left in his care, and even though Naomi is aware that her mother has been out of contact for a longer than usual period of time, Neelix insists on diverting her from the truth. When Naomi grows impatience with Neelix and goes to the bridge for herself, she discovers a grim rescue effort is in progress to find her mother's shuttle. Now, despair could be the greatest enemy for both mother and daughter.

  6. After creating a new slipstream drive for Voyager - thanks to Seven's Borg technology - Janeway and the crew are ready to give the new drive its test flight. Tom and Harry are certain that they've spotted a potentially fatal flaw in the slipstream drive, but Harry proposes a quick fix that involves flying point ahead of Voyager in the Delta Flyer. The powerful new propulsion system brings Voyager within parsecs of the Alpha Quadrant in a matter of minutes - and then fails disastrously, slamming the ship into a class L planet and killing everyone except Harry and Chakotay, who are aboard the Delta Flyer. It is a tragic loss from which neither of them will ever recover.

  7. Mysteriously, the U.S.S. Voyager comes upon a floating Borg Vinculum - a device that interconnects Drone's minds aboard a Borg vessel - which swiftly causes Seven of Nine to manifest personalities other than her own including that of a Klingon warrior, a Ferengi, and a six-year-old human girl. Janeway is crushed to learn that before Tuvok, The Doctor and she can intervene, Seven may be completely lost.

  8. Voyager is struck by a forceful energy field which does little damage and deposits information in the ship's computer. Janeway decides to investigate the source of the energy wave, finding a badly damaged ship with a curious, non-humanoid life form aboard. The creature attaches itself to B'elanna, nearly killing her in the process, and the Doctor is unable to remove the creature without destroying its victim. The Doctor creates a hologram of famed Cardassian exobiologist Krell Mocet to assist in the desperate fight to save B'elanna, but both B'elanna and a young Bajoran crewmember remember Mocet for his war atrocities during the Bajoran occupation. Making matters worse, the slowly dying B'elanna forbids the Doctor to allow Mocet's assistance in a surgery that could save her life. The question of whether a former torturer's research should be used to save one crewmember soon divides the crew.

  9. Voyager encounters a planet without a surface, a spherical construct consisting of a global-sized ocean and a gravitational containment field to maintain its planetary shape. The planet's inhabitants, the technologically advanced Moneans, cautiously visit Voyager and reveal a problem with their aquatic world - the containment field is failing and it's falling apart. With a few modifications to the Delta Flyer, Paris is able to take an away team into the ocean to examine the enormous reactor whose power prevents the sphere of water from dissipating completely. But the Moneans didn't build this reactor and they don't understand it - and their very presence in the planet's vast ocean may be the cause of the instability.

  10. As it passes through the territory of the Devore, Voyager must frequently stop and allow the Devore to search it. The aliens' government searches all visitors to keep telepaths from escaping their grasp, but unknown to the Devore, Janeway has already granted asylum to several telepaths aboard Voyager. Kashyk, the commanding officer of the Devore inspection teams, confides his desire to defect to Janeway, who not only gives him passage aboard her ship, but her heart as well. But is Kashyk really abandoning his people - or is his defection too good to be true?

  11. The crew's annual physicals reveal evidence of a most disturbing operation - at some point a year and a half ago, the Doctor performed an unorthodox neural surgery on Ensign Kim...but neither Harry nor the Doctor himself can remember such a procedure. When the Doctor tries to recover his lost memories, it seems that someone or something is continuing to tamper with his program, trying to keep him from recalling the incident in question. The Doctor sets his holo-imager to capture evidence of anyone breaking into the sickbay computers to alter his program further, and makes the shocking discovery that Captain Janeway is the one who is trying to derail his investigation.

  12. Armed conflict erupts when aliens from the Fifth Dimension mistake Lieutenant Paris' "Captain Proton" holographic novel for reality. The aliens consider the novel's main character, the evil Dr. Chaotica, to be a threat so they knock the U.S.S. Voyager's controls off-line. Janeway is forced to assume the role of the story's powerful Arachnia, Queen of the Spider People, and infiltrate Chaotica's Fortress of Doom. Meanwhile, The Doctor takes on the role of the novel's President of Earth to help the aliens defeat Chaotica.

  13. A shuttle carrying Tuvok, Paris and The Doctor disappears into a collapsing sinkhole and crash lands on a deserted wasteland. While the U.S.S. Voyager tries to rescue them from this risky area of space, the away team befriends Noss, an exotic alien woman who's also trapped on the planet. Soon, she falls in love with Tuvok and although it's illogical for a Vulcan, he finds himself attracted to her too. The voyager crew tries to rescue the them, but an alien vessel wants to collaps the sinkhole to prevent more loss of ships, but this would destroy everything inside.

  14. Finally, after five long years, an exhilarated crew of the U.S.S. Voyager finds a wormhole that will bring them back to the Alpha Quadrant. As the happy crew prepares to return to Earth, a skeptical Seven of Nine violates captain's orders and enlists The Doctor, little Naomi Wildman and an alien pilot, Qatai, to help her stop the ship from entering the wormhole.

  15. After defeating a Borg vessel, Janeway launches an ambitious plan to steal a piece of Borg technology that could get the U.S.S. Voyager home. When the Borg detect her plan, they swiftly access Seven of Nine's neural transceiver and make her an 'offer' she can't refuse -- rejoin the Borg collective or the U.S.S. Voyager and it's crew will be assimilated. Janeway must confront the Borg in their own vessel in order to rescue Seven, risking a possibly devastating confrontation with the Borg Queen!

  16. After defeating a Borg vessel, Janeway launches an ambitious plan to steal a piece of Borg technology that could get the U.S.S. Voyager home. When the Borg detect her plan, they swiftly access Seven of Nine's neural transceiver and make her an 'offer' she can't refuse -- rejoin the Borg collective or the U.S.S. Voyager and it's crew will be assimilated. Janeway must confront the Borg in their own vessel in order to rescue Seven, risking a possibly devastating confrontation with the Borg Queen!

  17. Without Starfleet medical clearance and in violation of interspecies protocol, Ensign Harry Kim has a passionate love affair with an exotic alien explorer, Derran Tal of the Varro species. But the escapade puts both the Voyager crew and the Varro species in Jeopardy when Kim and Tal become biochemically interdependent.

  18. With Voyager two years from home because of the advanced warp core, Tom and B'Elanna's wedding, and Ensign Harper's new baby, everyone onboard the ship is happy. Suddenly, several crewmembers are infected with a strange illness. As the days go by, more and more people are infected. Chakotay and Tuvok come up with an answer. The illness is being caused by radiation from the advanced warp core. The radiation is causing everyone to slowly die because almost everything on Voyager is made of deuterium. It appears that all of Voyager's crewmembers are duplicates, as is the ship itself.

  19. While the ship is caught in Chaotic Space, a zone where the laws of physics are in a state of flux, Commander Chakotay believes he's a 24th century boxer, The Maquis Mauler. Before long, he's going head to head with the Delta Quadrant's champion, Kid Chaos.

  20. In the midst of a clash with the Hazari bounty hunters, Janeway is offered assistance from a 'think tank,' a small yet exotic alien ship containing disparate life forms, each able to communicate telepathically. Their spokesperson, Kurros, offers to help solve the dilemma with the Hazari, only in exchange for Seven of Nine as payment. When Seven declines their 'offer', the think tank focuses on taking her by force.

  21. The U.S.S. Voyager rescues two crewmen from an abandoned, out of control Malon freighter that's about to unleash a theta radiation blast into the sector. Soon, Lieutenant Torres leads an away team to board the freighter and contain the poison - despite warnings from its crewman, Fesek and Pelk, about the Angel of Decay that wreaks havoc aboard the cargoship.

  22. To broaden her knowledge of human behavior, Seven of Nine gets lessons from The Doctor on socializing and dating rituals. When they enter a holodeck simulation in Sandrine's nightclub, Seven not only learns the art of small talk, but how to slow dance and sing a song. Eventually, she makes a date with Lieutenant Lansing but it's The Doctor who falls in love with Seven. Meanwhile, during a tour to help facilitate a trade agreement with the monastic Kadi colony, Neelix unwittingly provides their ambassador, Tomin, with forbidden food and drink.

  23. Captain Janeway reminisces about her ancestor Shannon O'Donnel, the first of her family's long line of explorers and one who helped build the Millennium Gate on Earth. As Janeway relates the story, the episode revisits the town of Portage Creek on New Year's Eve 1999, as Shannon O'Donnel (played by Kate Mulgrew) nears the deadline to convince the town's last holdout, local bookstore owner Henry Janeway, to approve the building of massive, half a mile high Milliennium Gate, a model for the first colony on Mars.

  24. In an episode that revisits Janeway's first day aboard the U.S.S. Voyager and then fast forwards 500 years beyond it when her ship is destroyed, Captain Braxton of the 29th century Federation Timeship Relativity contacts Seven of Nine to go back in time to solve the mystery of who planted the 'temporal disrupter' which ultimately destroyed the U.S.S. Voyager. But when the new starship captain, Janeway, catches the mysterious Seven aboard the brand new U.S.S. Voyager, she detains her, an interference that could contaminate the time-line.

  25. After the U.S.S. Voyager receives a distress signal from an alien missile, Ensign Kim, Torres and The Doctor determine that it's a complex, damaged weapon with artificial intelligence and sentient consciousness. But when they beam this mysterious device aboard, it interlinks with The Doctor's program and through him, insists the U.S.S. Voyager enable it to fulfill its mission of mass destruction.

  26. The U.S.S. Voyager finds another Federation starship lost in the Delta Quadrant, the science vessel U.S.S. Equinox, and helps it stave off an attack by creatures from another spatial realm. Captain Janeway now has a kindred spirit in its commander, Captain John Ransom, and helps him salvage his war-torn vessel so they can journey home together. But when The Doctor retrieves data from the U.S.S. Equinox research lab, Janeway learns the hard truth that Captain Ransom has seriously violated the Starfleet oath by commiting mass murder in the Delta Quadrant.